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Farmers Growing Genetically Modified Crops

The introduction of Genetically Modified (GM) cotton into the farming systems of the Darling Down nearly two decades ago has been a significant tool in improving the environment, improving farmers' and their workers' lifestyles, and improved productivity.

Bollgard cotton has reduced insecticide spraying in cotton by over 85 percent, and along with a better understanding of how to use Integrated Pest Management (in conjunction with Bollgard) in all crops, we have a very significantly improved environment with dramatically reduced insecticide use in all field crops. Prior to the advent of Bollgard and IPM, the whole farming system on the Downs was under severe (possibly unsustainable) pressure from the relentless attack of heliocoverpa.

Herbicide resistant GM cotton has allowed the use of much more benign crop protection products, and vastly improved performance. Weeds like nutgrass which had rendered some fields and areas unusable have been eliminated allowing all field crops to be grown again on these fields.

GM cotton has been a significant tool in the dramatic changes to the farming systems on the Downs - a change to a more sustainable, more environmentally friendly, and more profitable system.

Jeff Bidstrup

Warra, Qld